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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 29, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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players gearing up for the super bowl field questions and they are not all about football. big names in major league basketball reportedly linked to performance-enhancing drugs. plus oakland police talk about last week's officer- involved shooting -- at noon.
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we're here to win a game. >> 49ers' young quarterback says he's focused on sunday's big game but that's not all he talked about as he and his teammates fielded go questions from the media -- fielded questions from the media. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. super bowl week is officially underway. media day just wrapped up a few hours ago. ken wayne is there and he's surrounded by the super bowl excitement taking over new orleans. good afternoon, ken. >> reporter: we're outside of the superdome. final preparations are being made. you can see the awnings being put together and as we pan a little more to the right. you can see the workers doing their jobs. those buses leave you no you, actually, two minutes ago, buses were coming out with a police escort and we presume those were raven players from their day with the media. inside the superdome hundreds
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of photographers and reporters gathered for media day to interview all of the players. beyond the serious sports journalists, you can find representatives from tabloids, entertainment shows, gossip programs. and there was also a large international contingent including one group from norway. >> people are having super bowl. talk is all over the country. they are really getting into the sport and more and more people are understanding the sport. >> reporter: you meet some of the biggest names in broadcasting here on this day and right now we have one of those names. you've probably seen him before, rafael hernandez. >> here is i am. [laughter] >> reporter: that's the kind of thing that you see at media day. again, the serious sports journalism kind of gets pushed aside on media day. it gets to the point where reporters start to interview each other which is probably never a good thing.
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we have five more days of this, story upon story, with little significance on the actual football game but then again, this is not just a football game. it's a huge cultural event. i was shocked at the international attention this is getting. we're getting crews from japan, norway, europe, south america. football has gone beyond the borders of the united states. it seems a lot of people are paying attention to this game. a lot of people are rooting for the 49ers. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ken. our team continues with sal castanedo who joins us from the newsroom with more on what the players had to say. you mentioned some of the questions, mely not the typical ones -- rearly not the typical ones that players -- really not the typical ones players face. >> they've been talking to the press. it does get entertaining because much of the journalists are not the usual beat writers
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and the questions can get interesting. >> how would you describe your hair? >> just an afro. >> but the questions did eventually roll around the football. 49ers' defensive player aldon smith talked about his play and the focus. >> we came here to win a game. we came here -- you know, it's the super bowl. we're all excited. we came here to win the game. we all have that same spot in mind. >> there have been rumors that alex smith will ask for his release after the season. smith was quick to refocus attention on the game. >> no, no. i'm focused on this game, helping this team win a championship. >> colin kaepernick presented a united front when speaking about alex smith. >> alex has been great. he's done everything he can to help me and help this team. to have a veteran quarterback like that on your side it's
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always great. >> and then there's the age factor. randy moss was not so delicately reminded that he is one of the older players. [laughter] >> that's cap being can young, man. a lot of people have seen kaepernick grow before their eyes. >> that was espn's chris berman who asked that not so tactful question. you get the feeling they just want to get on with it. the game is this sunday. the players were polite. but i'm sure they have this focus on the big game on sunday. live in the newsroom, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. and our team in the big easy will have live reports on every newscast. sunday night after the game, switch to channel 2 for a live local postgame show with fans in the bay area and new orleans. bay area businesses are
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gearing up for the super bowl. this morning we stopped by susie cakes in the marina district. bakers are busy making 49ers and ravennen themed cakes. they will be making 400 to 500 cookies before the game. major league baseball says it's extremely disappointed about a scathing new report claiming to know how some big names in baseball obtained steroids. the list includes a former san francisco giant and two former oakland as players. the report check records from a miami anti-aging clinic and it found that melky cabrera, gio gonzalez, cologne, ramirez and other players purchased performance-enhancing drugs. cologne and cabrera served suspensions last season for testing positive. gun violence happens in oakland but the police department is particularly troubled by the shootings last week of two officers, plus
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another shooting that injured an 8-year-old girl. alex savidge is live at the police department where the chief has been speaking about these recent shootings. alex? >> reporter: good afternoon. the chief of police here in oakland says the type of violence that we've seen recently in this city, police officers being shot, a child shot yesterday, he calls it unacceptable. a news conference just wrapped up here at oakland's police headquarters. the chief of police is promising that officers will track down the gunman who shot an 8-year-old girl during a drive-by. she suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and she will be leaving the hospital and is expected to fully recover. i had a chance to talk to her father for a short time. he told me his daughter is in good spirits right now. she was outside playing at a ref's -- relative's house when several gunmen drove by and opened fire on the place. the child was the only person hit. this morning, the chief said something out there knows who
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she is shooters are -- these shooters are. >> someone out there saw what happened and we want you to help us solve this crime. it's your help, your partnership that will make a difference in oakland. we want you to help us. >> reporter: during a news conference with the mayor and city leaders, chief howard jordan also updated the investigation into a pair of shootings last week that left two police officers wounded. last monday, a veteran undercover officer was shot in the arm during a stakeout and we learned today, that officer was beaten up by several men, his weapon taken from him before he was shot. the chief says four people have been arrested and charged in connection with that shooting. one man, an ex-con, was actually captured in texas. >> they were doing their job, the job that the citizens of oakland paid them to do to keep their community safe. >> officers are at a last line of defense for our society.
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if you target them, we will get you. >> reporter: the second shooting was last friday. the chief confirmed one man has been charged in connection with that attack. epalso gave a credit today to the department's federal partners, the u.s. marshals to helped to make arrests in many of these cases. in regards to yesterday's shooting, the one that left that 8-year-old wounded, police are searching for several gunmen they say. by the way in speaking to that young girl's father, he tells me the girl and family are all from sacramento. they were just here in town in oakland visiting relatives. he told me his daughter is ready to go home. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. meanwhile, oakland police are investigating a robbery that left a sandwich shop employee injured. it happened last night around 7:00 at the subway on san pablo avenue. three suspects became angry when they could not get money out of the safe and pistol-
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whipped the employee. they also shot him in the hand. he's expected to recover. police in pittsburg are searching for a suspect at a gas station this morning. it happened at 9:00 a.m. at the 76 gas station on rail road avenue. there are reports that the suspect was spotted five miles away in a bay point neighborhood. officers were scene near marin and hill street. a lewd hazing incident at a catholic high school in vallejo has become a much languager investigation. vallejo police say they -- larger investigation. vallejo police say they will look into older players. five older players were expelled after the head coach reported a lewd locker room attack on six younger is room players last season. police want to know if it has been a long-time ritual and may bring sexual assault charges.
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police learned of this on thursday, a day before the controversial firing of the head coach who reported the incident five weeks ago. the parents of a man shot and killed by a police in walnut creek last month are suing the police department. the family filed a $15 million wrongful death suit. anthony banta junior was killed after police say he charged at them with a knife following a fight with his roommate. the family claims the fight was over by the time police arrived and say one of the officers fired in a panic after reacting to another officer who stripped and fell behind him -- tripped and fell behind him. chevron has so far paid $10 million in medical claims after the richmond refinery fire. most of that money has gone to hospitals to pay for exams and treatments for thousands of people. chevron says it implemented corrective actions since the fire. the company is addressing corrosion problems and also revamping the response plan in
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the event of a leak. a felony charge has been dropped against a private contractor blamed for a 2008 wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. prosecutors say they were not confident they could prove a reckless burning charge against chaning burton. but burton still face as merchandise charge. the fire -- misdemeanor charge. the fire destroyed 63 homes. serious injuries after a major collision in san francisco left this mangled mess of a truck. a warming trend is headed to the bay area. ktvu meteorologist rosemary orozco will be here to tell you when. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where people have gathered to watch president obama speak. we'll tell you what he spoke about and why it's so important to these people. ñç5xñóñmñz?cç?çñkñkñe-
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today, president obama is in las vegas to make a push for immigration reform. new at noon, ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from san jose where supporters have gathered to discuss the president's plans. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. about 35 people have gathered here in our lady of guadalupe church in east san jose. the grassroots organization, people in the community get together and the siu union has
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invited people to watch the speech. the speech just ended so they are talking about what type of reform the president is proposing. union members, security guards and janitors are very interested in what president obama had to say. immigration advocates have been pushing the obama administration to overhaul the immigration system since he didn't do this in his first four years of office. today, obama was expected to share details about his immigration proposal in his second term which includes a path to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented workers. obama is also likely to show his support for treating same- sex couples in which one partner is an immigrant, the same as heterosexual couples when it comes to applying for citizenship. we spoke to one advocate who shared her -- her thoughts. >> we're hoping he will listen to us so we can become
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residents -- i mean citizenship, for all of those families who break up for the deportation. so we want him, we want to know he will work with us on the preunion -- and union -- unify the president is pressing for a more straight- forward route for undocumented workers and students to become citizens. now, back out here live, you can see all of the people who are gathered here. they are trying to get in touch with the father of this church, father john who flew to las vegas to watch president obama's speech. these local leaders will be expressing their shouts on the plan that obama unveiled.
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we'll have that more on that story coming up on our later newscast. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. as janine reported, president obama within the last few minutes about immigration reform. here's some of what he had to say. >> i'm here today because the time has come for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform. [ cheers and applause ] >> the time is now. >> now is the time to find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as the land of opportunity. >> the immigration reform proposals were spurred by the presidential election in which the president won an overwhelming majority of latino voters. the results caused republican lawmakers who previously opposed this to reconsider, some say to rebuild the party's reputation among latinos. lay ra hood -- ray lahood
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announced he's stepping down from his post. he was the only republican left in the cabinet. he says he will stay until his successor is confirmed. he is the latest cabinet member to step down. brentwood police released sketches resembling suspects in shootings possibly sparked by sneakers. one of the boys told us four men in their 20s pulled up and started asking questions about one of the teen's nike shoes. one of the men opened fire. the sketch on the left is a composite drawing of the driver. the one on the right is one of the passengers. three people were seriously hurt when a pickup truck and tow truck collided in the south of market district. it happened after 6:00 this morning at 9th and brannen. one of the vehicles crashed into a building about 100 feet
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feet away. firefighters -- about sun feet away. firefighters had to -- about 1100 feet away. firefighters had to use -- 100 feet away. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to remove the occupants. the guilty plea for bp came in. the guilty plea means they will play $4 million for the company's explosion on the deep horizon rig that led to the spill. 11 people died and more than 200 million gallons of oil spewed into the gulf waters before it was capped three months later. good afternoon. you can expect only subtle changes in the forecast for today with a warming trend on the way as early as tomorrow. giving you a live look there. high clouds over the bay area. the oakland sky line, plentiful cloud cover there. they will begin to thin out as we get into the afternoon.
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look at santa rosa, napa, already begin -- already beginning to see the difference. filtered soft sunlight. it's no too bad but covered in high clouds. the winds at 7 miles per hour in oakland. 5 in napa. 5 in livermore. so still a little cool out there. with that breeze it could still feel chilly. 54 in oakland. 54 san francisco, 53 in napa. upper as walnut creek and the low 50s for livermore. those numbers very similar to just 24 hours ago so you know what to expect. i want to show you the lie clouds. notice dropping from north to south. so we will see a pretty good clearing for the second half of the day with a few high clouds remaining in the forecast. this is why. the pacific satellite view showing you this ridge of high pressure continues over the pacific. we're on the eastern edge. that's also a cool flow. so temperatures today feeling cool even though we're dry and mostly sunny.
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upper 50s and low 60s in the forecast once again. the cool mornings, milder afternoons on the way with high clouds and possibility of breezy conditions on and off at least through the next couple of days while this ridge begins to gain strength and move over california. 60 degrees expected this afternoon for berkeley. 57 in san francisco. upper 50s for hayward. about 60 degrees for oakland. 60 degrees san jose. 59 los gatos. 61 in morgan hill. the warming trend, the overnight lows will remain on the cool side. patchy fog a possibility but tomorrow a few degrees warmer than today. thursday, a few degrees warmer than that and friday really looks to be the warmest day with temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s perhaps nearing 70. as we get into the weekend, a bit of a cooling trend. we'll remain dry with mostly sunny skies on saturday. surning cloudy on sunday and notice temperatures in the afternoon, cooler upper 50s. >> looking forward to friday. >> yes. >> thank you.
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an update on a ban of hand painted gnomes on utility poles. we talked to pg&e and a spokesman says pg&e is allowing the gnomes to stay. for now. pg&e says it's gonna meet with city leaders and residents to come up with a plan to keep the gnomes but not on the poles. they will be relocated. pg&e is concerned the gnomes will inspire people to put other things on their property that could compromise the integrity of their equipment. twitter dealing with inappropriate content. details about a new version of apple's ipad. the updated features of the model. q
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the dow is pushing forwards 14,000. the investors say this is the latest round in earnings from today. the dow is up 77. 13,959. the nasdaq is flat. s&p up 8. apple has announced plans for an ipad with significantly more memory. apple says ipads with 128 gigabytes of memory will go on sale february 5th. they will retail for $799 for a wi-fi model and $929 for a model with cellular data access. ipads currently on the market has a maximum of 64 gigabytes. twitter's new app for the
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iphone is causing controversy due to adult content. that has some questioning why it's still available on the app city. many are using this to share pornographic material, they say. twitter says pornographic content vs the terms of service and will be removed. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, we will have live coverage of super bowl xlvii from new orleans as you saw earlier. it was media day today. we'll hear from the ravens and how they plan to stop the 49ers's dynamic quarterback, colin kaepernick. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us at 5:00. we're always here at and mobile
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